2024 2nd International Conference on Nano Sciences, Chemical and Biological Materials

Houston, USA / July 27-28, 2024

Adsorbent materials

Agricultural Biotechnology

Animal biotechnology



Biological and biomedical imaging


Biomedical Computational drug discovery

Biomimetic and self-assembled materials

Bioremediation of polluted sites

Biosensors and molecular diagnostics


Building Materials

Catalysis & reaction engineering

Cell and tissue

CFD & chemical engineering

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering equipment design

Chemical engineering fundamentals

Chemical material

Chemical reaction engineering

Chemical technology

Classical analytical chemistry

Diet and cognition

Drug screening and pharmaceutical synthesis

Call for Papers

Electronics in food industry

Environmental Biotechnology

Environmental chemistry

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Enzyme Engineering

Food Biotechnology

Food Engineering

Food engineering research

Food microstructure characterization

Food microstructure development

Food properties including thermal

Functional Materials

Health and Biological Materials

Inorganic Materials

Interfacial & colloidal phenomena

Macromolecular science and engineering

Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Material Processing Technology

Material Sciences

Materials for Recycle and Reuse

Materials Physics and Chemistry

Metal alloy Materials

Micro / Nano Materials

Nano Biotechnology

Nano Sciences


Nanoparticle sequestration in biomolecules


Nanoporous materials for bio-applications

Nano-scale and Amorphous Materials

New Energy Materials

Non-thermal food processing

Organocatalysis and nanobiotechnology

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Plant biotechnology

Plant design

Polymer Materials

Polymer science and intelligent polymers

Public health nutrition

Steel and Iron

Structural chemistry

Surface Engineering/Coatings

System engineering for food industry

Welding & Joining

The NSCBM conference invites the submission of original research papers in related fields to be published in the conference proceedings. Each submission is anonymously reviewed by independent reviewers, to ensure the final high standard and quality of submitted papers. Part of accepted papers will be presented as either oral or poster at the conference. Contributions are sought in the following areas: